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How B2B Companies Can Win by Simplifying the Buyer Journey

How B2B companies can win by simplifying the buyer journey - Allura Digital Blog

B2B marketing is harder than ever before.

There are hundreds of vendors in practically every category.

So how do you cut through the noise?

By simplifying the buying journey!

Here's how you can make it easier for people to discover your brand and buy from you.

Trust us, most of your competitors are NOT doing this!

✅Target specific customer segments

✅Understand the needs & struggles of buyers in each segment

✅Map solutions to customer segments

✅Show up consistently & meaningfully on the right platforms

✅Feed buyers easy-to-consume content that addresses their needs and struggles

✅Clarify your positioning and messaging on all channels, especially your website

✅Remove any possible friction from the website in terms of navigation, loading time, mobile accessibility, filling out a form, downloading content etc.

✅Focus on benefits rather than features

✅Make it easy for buyers to reach you by providing them multiple communication channels (phone, email, instant chat, social media)

✅Aid bottom-of-the-funnel decisions through transparent pricing, product videos, ROI calculators, data sheets etc on your website

✅Clearly outline the steps they need to go through to buy

✅Focus each sales call and demo on the areas that matter most to the prospect(goes back to understanding buyer challenges)

✅Provide a free trial (ideally without asking for credit card details upfront)

✅Keep sign-up forms short (you can always collect more info later)

✅Make it easy for them to provide feedback on your products/services during free trial and post-purchase (something as basic as Google Form/Typeform can work)

Remember, B2B buyers are humans with emotions and busy lives.

Make them as easy for them to buy from you as possible, or they'll go with somebody else who does.


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