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About Us

Allura Digital is a B2B Digital Marketing and Brand Consultancy serving Small/Mid-sized organizations. Businesses come to us when they're struggling to plan and implement a digital marketing strategy in-house, or when they are fed up of wasting money on agencies that fail to deliver business results.


If that's you, welcome to Allura Digital!


What we do

We help SMBs effectively use digital marketing to grow their business by aligning it with the way their target customers actually buy. 


With this buyer-centric approach, we help you get your business in front of the right audience with the right messages that resonate with them and attract them to your brand. 

The end result is higher demand for your products/services, more inbound traffic and qualified leads that convert into sales opportunities.


How we do it

Unlike a lot of marketing agencies out there, we follow a strategic approach. We start with customer research to really understand your target audience and their buying journey. We combine insights from this exercise with your business strengths to define your positioning and messaging that would help you differentiate your brand and attract your ideal customers. We then develop a custom marketing program to meet your unique challenges.


We use a blend of creativity and data to plan, design and measure the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives. Analytics play a crucial role in our engagements, and we analyze relevant data at every step to optimize performance and marketing spend.


Why we do it

We come across tons of SMBs with fantastic solutions offering amazing value, but struggling to attract the right audience. This is typically due to lack of a buyer-centric marketing strategy coupled with unclear positioning & messaging. We want to fix that.

Moreover, many marketing agencies out there still use outdated, one-size-fits-all tactics and focus predominantly on vanity metrics. As a result, clients don't get the ROI they want from their marketing investment. We want to fill this gap in the market and help clients get actual business results, and not just likes, followers or leads that never convert.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Transparency

We don't hide behind marketing mumbo jumbo or deception. With us, you'll know exactly what's going on with your marketing in a language you understand - right from the time you first speak to us.


We are fully committed to every client engagement, as we see ourselves as a growth partner.

If your project isn't our cup of tea, we'll tell you upfront or refer you to someone who's a better fit for you.

Business Focus

We value your hard-earned money, which is why we strive to deliver tangible business growth. We don't just want your brand to 'look good'. We want you to be able to see its impact on your bottom line. 

Quality First

We don't believe in shortcuts. We strive to deliver the best possible quality of service, which is why we like to work with clients who see marketing as investment rather than quick fixes.

Meet the Founder
Chintan Goswami Founder Allura Digital

Chintan Goswami

  • LinkedIn

Chintan has over 10 years of experience in B2B marketing and market research. He specializes in inbound marketing, with a proven track record of growing online traffic, qualified leads and revenue through sustainable and cost-effective digital marketing techniques. He holds an MBA in Marketing from a leading UK university and spent over 5 years in Britain, working on projects for clients like HSBC, Lloyds TSB, BMW, Barclays, Cineworld and Autoglass.


Over the years he has gained a wealth of experience in planning and implementing marketing strategies to produce desirable results for B2B organizations. His analytical skills and attention to detail allow him to unlock actionable insights and find solutions to marketing problems others may completely overlook. 

His marketing certifications include:

  • Hubspot Certifications in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing & Email Marketing

  • SEMrush Certificate in Social Media

  • Google Certificate in Google Analytics

When he's not helping clients drive better results from their marketing, Chintan loves to travel, having been to over 20 countries across the globe. His favorite destinations are London, Singapore, Barcelona and Banff (Canada). 

About: About Us
About: Certifications
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Ready to grow your business?

To gain more clarity in your marketing and start driving better business results, get in touch today! We’ll set up a discovery call to better understand your marketing goals and design a customized proposal 

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