We provide bespoke digital marketing strategy consulting that helps B2B firms enhance online brand awareness, generate more leads, acquire new customers and maximize revenue. 


We deep-dive into your business and your overall goals, conduct a gap analysis, and build a detailed marketing strategy, with a strong focus on inbound marketing, to close the gap and help you get to where you want to be. 


During this process, we do a complete psychographic+demographic profiling of your ideal customers to assess their pain points & 

motivations, build buyer personas, and design micro-strategies for each customer segment. 


We use advanced marketing tools to plan, design and measure marketing campaigns.  Data analytics play a crucial role in our consulting process, and we analyze every available piece of data, at every step, to optimize performance. 


We believe B2B businesses, particularly SMBs, have tremendous potential, but many of them aren't able to realize it fully, in large part due to the lack of a well-defined marketing strategy. Having a meaningful online presence is more important than ever before for B2B firms, particularly as a result of COVID-19.


Face-to-face interactions have drastically reduced, and B2B buyers are increasingly turning to the internet to research and select potential vendors. The question is: How do you get them to find you and buy from you?


Unfortunately, most B2B business owners lack the expertise or the time required to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy that can create strong brand awareness among their target audience and build a strong sales funnel. Moreover, many of them may not want to recruit an in-house team or hire an expensive agency, especially during the current situation. 


According to industry reports, over 50% of B2B businesses don't have a clear marketing plan in place. They make marketing decisions on-the-fly, based on their gut-feel, and as a result, fall short of their business goals.


The online marketing space is constantly evolving and getting increasingly competitive. The old approach of throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks doesn't work anymore. 

So, get in touch with us today and let us build a customized, winning strategy for your business..at an affordable cost. 

About Allura Digital B2B Digital Marketing Consultancy
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Chintan Goswami

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Chintan has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and market research. He specializes in B2B inbound marketing, with a proven track record of growing online traffic, leads and revenue through reliable, sustainable and cost-effective digital marketing techniques. He also holds an MBA in Marketing from a leading UK university and spent over 5 years in Britain, initially as a student, and then working in market research, where he worked on projects for clients like HSBC, BMW, Barclays, Cineworld, Autoglass and Macmillan Cancer Support. 


Over the years he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of leveraging various psychological principles and digital marketing tools to analyze and influence customer behaviour to produce desirable results. His analytical skills and attention to detail allow him to unlock actionable insights and find solutions to marketing problems others may completely overlook. 

Through Allura Digital, Chintan aims to use all his experience and skills in the areas of market research, copywriting, content strategy, social media, SEO and data analytics to help B2B businesses achieve their marketing goals. 





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To embark on your digital marketing journey with us, please get in touch today! We’ll set up an initial call to better understand your marketing goals and design a customised proposal