Get your B2B Website Ready for Google's Page Experience Update

Allura Digital Blog - Get your B2B Website Ready for Google's Page Experience Update

We're now in an age where one bad website experience is all it takes to lose a customer.

Let that sink in.

As a B2B business, your website is your home/storefront/office on the internet. It's usually the first place your potential buyers visit to know more about you and your offerings.

Whether they find your business through social media, search engines, third-party websites, email or referrals, they are likely to end up on your website.

It’s therefore not surprising that their perception of your business to large degree be shaped by their experience when they land on your website.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Remember the last time you:

  • Landed on a website and it took so long to load that you just abandoned it

  • Or tried to access a web page on your smartphone, and the text and images were cropped

  • Or clicked through to a blog from Google only to get that oh-so annoying 'Subscribe to our Newsletter' pop-up that completely blocked the page

These experiences are extremely frustrating, right?

If any of these happened on your first visits to those particular websites, odds are you won’t return to them ever again.

Now imagine how people would feel if they had such an experience on YOUR website.

B2B buyers are busy. Any friction on your website will cause them to bounce, which will severely hamper your conversions and reputation.

All the time and money you're spending on driving traffic to your website will go to waste.

And it’s not just users who hate websites with a bad user experience. Search engines do too.

Enter Google's 'Page Experience' update

Google wants to make things better for users. Starting from June this year, it will start penalizing sites that don't meet certain user experience standards.

This is expected to be an important ranking signal going forward.

What this means is...if your SEO strategy is still focusing heavily on keywords and ignoring user experience, your site's rankings are likely to get hit.

So there's a lot at stake here.