Why your brand is your biggest differentiator

Allura Digital Blog - Why brand is the biggest differentiator for B2B companies

Do you know what truly differentiates you from your competitors?

Is it your product/service?

Hundreds or thousands of businesses offer the same products or services you do.

Is it your features?

Your competitors probably have more or less the same features. Even if they are missing a feature here or there, they can easily build them.

Is it the awards you’ve won?

Awards can be bought ( Hec, I get hundreds of mails from people trying to sell me awards!)

Is it your price?

There's always going be somebody cheaper than you.

The fact is, if you want to truly stand out from your competition, you need something that goes beyond your products, features, pricing.

You need a strong Brand.

But what's your brand?

Your brand is the intangible stuff. Something that cannot easily be copied.

Contrary to the popular belief, your brand is not just your logo.

Your brand has several aspects to it, including:

  • Your visual identity (which includes your logo)

  • Your positioning

  • Your messaging and the stories you tell

  • Your values

  • Your personality

  • The experience people have when they interact with your business