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Are you throwing spaghetti on the wall with your marketing and hoping it sticks?

Allura Digital Blog - Are you throwing spaghetti on the wall with your marketing and hoping it sticks?

We speak with numerous B2B businesses across countries and verticals.

They come to us for various reasons - generating more leads, building a stronger brand, managing their social media accounts, improving their SEO etc.

While they have different needs, most of them have one thing in common: Lack of a well-defined brand & marketing strategy.

Since they don’t have a strategy, they:

❌ Don't have SMART marketing goals

❌ Don't know who their ideal customers are

❌ Don't know what their value proposition is

❌ Don't have a clear brand positioning

Whatever little marketing they're doing is based on their gut feel and what they see others doing, rather than actual data.

This ‘throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks attitude' is one of the biggest reasons why so many small and medium-sized businesses aren't able to scale up and realize their true potential, despite having great products and services.

The stakes are much higher now and the online marketing space getting increasingly competitive.

Continuing to do things you were doing probably 10 years ago isn't going to work anymore.

Marketing without a strategy meme

Why you need a brand & marketing strategy

A modern, well-defined strategy is vital to create strong brand awareness among your target audience, generate qualified leads, and attract your dream clients.

With a brand and marketing strategy you have a much clearer idea about:

💡Whom you should target and why

💡Who your main competitors are and how you stack up against them

💡How you should position yourself to differentiate your brand

💡What your messaging should be

💡What marketing channels you should focus on

💡What marketing & branding activities you should invest in

💡How much doing all this is going to cost you

💡How you’re going to measure the results

Without a game plan, you’ll always fall short.

So do you want to keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping it sticks?

Or do you want to build a winning strategy that helps you stand out from the noise and attract your dream clients?

If it's the latter, we would be happy to help.


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