Guide: Effective B2B Retargeting Tactics to Increase Website Conversions

Allura Digital Blog - Effective B2B Retargeting Tactics to Increase Website Conversions

Did you know that nearly 98% of B2B website visitors don't convert on their first visit?

The truth is, as much as we would all want every single person that lands on our site to convert, it's just not possible.

During their purchase journey, B2B buyers typically visit multiple websites to compare solutions and pricing across different vendors.

And they are in different stages of the buying process:

  • Awareness

  • Interest

  • Decision

  • Action

Just imagine this scenario. A prospect is aware that they have a problem, and decide to search for a solution online. They come across your website on Google, click through, visit the product page, then go to your pricing page, and then drop off, without requesting a quote or filling out an inquiry form. Why?

There could be several reasons for this.

Maybe they were not ready to buy just yet and were just exploring what's out there.

Maybe they are looking to buy soon, but yours was the first website they came across in their hunt, and also wanted to look at other vendors to see what they have to offer and at what price before making a decision.

Or maybe they just had to go into a never know.

So what should you do? You have two options: You can either hope and pray for them to come back.

Or, you can win them back with a B2B retargeting strategy.

What's Retargeting?

Retargeting is about engaging people that visited your site but didn't convert - in order to get them back and take the desired action - which can be anything from submitting an inquiry to requesting a quote/demo to signing up for a free trial to making a purchase.

Just because a visitor didn't convert on their first visit, doesn't mean they will never convert.

A large majority of first time visitors on your site (particularly those that come from inbound channels like search engines and social media) are in the Awareness stage, where they know they have a problem, and are exploring possible solutions to solve that problem.

So they come across your website in their journey of solving the problem, but they need more information, possibly multiple interactions with your brand before they can make a decision.