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Social Media Marketing Consulting for B2B Companies

B2B Social Media Consulting

Build a stronger brand presence on key social media platforms. Raise awareness, increase engagement & generate more demand among your target audience

Getting started on social media is easy. Growing on social media is not.


Your business is competing with tens and thousands of others on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for the attention of your target customers. 


Simply creating a business page and posting promotional content about your products/services will not cut it, especially with organic reach dwindling.


You need to show up consistently with targeted content that provides value to your audience, builds your brand and positions you as an expert. It's not just about increasing your followers. It's about establishing meaningful relationships with your target customers, so that when they are ready to buy, they think of you.  


Our social media consulting can help you optimize your social media campaigns with a well-thought-out strategy to cut through the noise and boost brand awareness, website traffic and conversions.

Social Media Strategy: Intro
75% of B2B Buyers use Social Media when making a Purchase 

What we can do for you

  • Define SMART goals and KPIs (reach, engagement, website traffic, qualified leads, revenue etc)

  • Build ideal customer profiles (buyer personas) and identify their interests, pain points, buying behaviour

  • Identify the optimal platforms where your target audience is most active (so that you don't waste time marketing on the wrong platforms)

  • Audit your existing social media profiles, branding and activities, map them against your top competitors and recommend necessary changes

  • Determine the right type of content and activities for each platform

  • Design a social media calendar that would cover both publishing your own content and engaging with other relevant accounts

  • Consult on the right mix of organic and paid campaigns to drive awareness, demand and leads

  • Consult on the right KPIs and metrics to help you track performance on key parameters and optimize your campaigns

Allura Digital B2B Social Media Marketing Services

The results you can expect

Greater Brand Awareness & Engagement among your audience
Increased Demand for your Products/Services
Higher Traffic to your website from social media
More conversations with qualified prospects leading to inquiries
Social Media Strategy: What's covered
Social Media Strategy: Contact
Social network concept


To start building a meaningful social media presence that generates tangible business growth rather than just numbers that look good on paper, book a free consultation today! We’ll set up an initial call to better understand your social marketing goals and design a customised proposal

Our Social Media Marketing Consulting starts from $500/month

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