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Proven Strategies to Improve your Email Open Rates

Allura Digital Blog - How to boost your email open rates

Email marketing is still highly effective for B2B businesses to create brand awareness and generate more traffic & conversions without spending a dime on advertising!

But, it only works if people open your emails in the first place!

In this post, we're going to share some of the top strategies based on our experience that will help you get more people to open and engage with your emails!

So let's get to it:

1) Don't buy an email list, build it

Cold lists typically have low open rates as the people on them have not opted-in for your emails. They probably have no idea who you even are.

Instead, try to build your own email audience by providing quality content through a newsletter/blog. You'll get much better results.

how to increase email opens - don't buy email lists

2) Segment your audience

Don't send the same email to everybody.

Segment your audience into buckets and send targeted messages.

According to MailChimp, segmented lists get 14.3% more opens.

Some useful segmentation criteria:

  • Buyer persona

  • Interests

  • Stage in the funnel (New subscribers, MQLs, SQLs, existing customers etc)

  • Email engagement (occasional, frequent etc)

  • Location

  • Abandoned sign-up form

  • Abandoned cart

  • Website activity

  • Purchase history

how to increase email opens - segment your audience

3) Send from a person, not a brand

Emails containing a person's name in the sender name appear more personal, and therefore more likely to be opened.

According to research, doing this can increase your open rates by 35%

how to increase email opens - send from person

4) Write enticing subject lines

Subject lines that strongly highlight a benefit or trigger curiosity get the most opens

Keep them short so they don't get cut off on mobile.

5) Remove inactive subscribers

Analyze your past data and remove subcribers that have not opened any of your emails in the last 6 months

Before removing them, you can try re-engaging them with a win-back campaign.

how to increase email opens - remove inactive subscribers

6) Avoid Spam Filters

If your emails are landing in the recipient's spam folder, your open rates will obviously suffer.

To minimize the risk of this happening, do the following:

  • Send only through verified domains

  • Avoid salesy words in your subject line like 'buy', 'free', 'discount', 'offer'

  • Avoid sending from generic emails like or

  • Ask people to move your emails to their primary folder

7) Stick to a schedule

As a thumb rule, the best time for B2B emails is 10 am - 12 am between Tuesday and Thursday

Our advice: Conduct your own experiments to determine what time and day work

best for your business and stick to that schedule

how to increase email opens - stick to a schedule

8) Most Importantly, send quality emails!

People won't open your emails if they are not worth their time!

So you need to give them a reason to open your emails by offering great value in every single email you send.

Need help with your email marketing? See how we can help:


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