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Value Proposition

Why should somebody buy from you?? 🤔


There are probably thousands of businesses that do what you do. 


What makes you different from them?


To answer this question, you need to know your Value Proposition.


It's an integral part of your marketing and brand strategy that helps you communicate your value to potential clients. 


But how do you define one?


Your value proposition is made up of these 4 components:


👉🏼What you sell (product/service)

👉🏼To whom you sell (target customer)

👉🏼Benefits for your target customer/pain points you solve

👉🏼What’s different about your solution


Based on this, you can define your value proposition statement thus:


"We provide [your solution] for [your target customer] to help them [your benefits] through [ your top 2-3 differentiators]."


For example, at Allura Digital our value proposition statement looks like this:


"We provide digital marketing and branding services for small to mid-sized B2B businesses to help them generate qualified inbound leads and revenue by building a strong brand foundation and implementing a bespoke strategy based on data and customer insights, not guesswork."


A value proposition statement not only articulates your value to your target audience,


it also lends more clarity to your organization in terms of where you will play, and where you will not play. 


In other words, it helps you focus on your strengths and target a specific audience that will see the most value in what you offer. 

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